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About Pastel Devil

Opened in November 2020, in the beautiful neighborhood of Lafayette Square, St. Louis Missouri.

When you enter the shop for the first time, we hope you come in and smile!  Brightly painted walls with a 70’s/Art Deco flare welcome you to the engaging place we have made for us and our clients. 

The art hanging on the walls is a collection from Angie and Amelia. It is made up of our personal art, art from friends, clients, and other tattoo artists, as well as tattoo history. 

As artists, we have a wide collection of objects and plants that make us happy. You have lots to look at when you come in! 

We hope to provide a tattoo experience that is safe, comfortable, warm and inviting. A place for everyone and their moms to get a one of a kind, custom tattoo.  With over 25 years of experience combined, we specialize in the well-being of our clients as well as focusing on making beautiful artwork for you.


Sam aka Jamantha

Sam is an integral person in how things run at the shop, she’s the first friendly face you see when you enter, making it your first impression. She takes care to make sure your experience is the best possible. Making sure the shop runs smoothly, Sam is responsible for our online presence, social media, keeping the shop clean and safe for you, as well as day to day doings. 

Sam is also the Tattoo Apprentice of Angie and Amelia and is working hard to start making great tattoos!


Sam collects velvet paintings and cats.


Co-Owner of Pastel Devil, originally from Southern California, Amelia has been tattooing for  over 16 years.

Some describe her as intimidating, but it’s only because she carries so much passion for her art.

In reality, Amelia is devilishly funny and light hearted in almost everything she does. You will surely be cracking up in her chair.

A mother of two wonderful kids, family is a first priority. She also has two fluffy rain clouds she calls cats. Amelia is a self described plant lady, and prides herself on knowing all the weird and rare ones. She also has an interest in sewing with a penchant for vintage sewing patterns. 



Co-Owner of Pastel Devil, Angie has a warm, bubbly personality and is always smiling.  In all 10 years of her tattooing, you can absolutely tell she loves what she does. Growing up a St. Louis native, she wanted to learn any and all mediums she could get her hands on. Outside of tattooing, she’s been working to complete a Mid Century Modern style miniature dollhouse. She also finds joy in making and altering clothing and other sewing crafts. She also finds the time to paint with acrylics and watercolor, in all different styles. She’s not afraid to jump straight into something she hasn’t tried before for the experience of learning something new.  At home she enjoys spending time watching Star Trek with her partner, and her dog, Dr. Dude. 

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