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About Pastel Devil 

Opened in November 2020, in the beautiful neighborhood of Lafayette Square, St. Louis Missouri.

When you enter the shop for the first time, we hope you come in and smile!  Brightly painted walls with a 70’s/Art Deco flare welcome you to the engaging place we have made for us and our clients. 

The art hanging on the walls is a collection from the Pastel Devil Ladies. It is made up of our personal art, art from friends, clients, and other tattoo artists, as well as tattoo history. 

As artists, we have a wide collection of objects and plants that make us happy. You have lots to look at when you come in! 

We hope to provide a tattoo experience that is safe, comfortable, warm and inviting. A place for everyone and their moms to get a one of a kind, custom tattoo.  With over 25 years of experience combined, we specialize in the well-being of our clients as well as focusing on making beautiful artwork for you.

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