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Amelia McCormack

Co-Owner of Pastel Devil, originally from Southern California, Amelia has been tattooing for  over 16 years.

Some describe her as intimidating, but it’s only because she carries so much passion for her art.

In reality, Amelia is devilishly funny and light hearted in almost everything she does. You will surely be cracking up in her chair.

A mother of two wonderful kids, family is a first priority. She also has two fluffy rain clouds she calls cats. Amelia is a self described plant lady, and prides herself on knowing all the weird and rare ones. She also has an interest in sewing with a penchant for vintage sewing patterns. 


 Amelia is capable of a wide variety of styles. Her favorites include fineline, illustrative, and black and grey. She prefers tattooing subjects of nature such as flowers, landscapes and wildlife. 


She prefers not to tattoo faces and genitals. 

Amelia's books are currently closed.

For any other questions, email her below.

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