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  • Do you do piercings?
    No, we only have the capacity for tattoos at the moment. We focus on the quality of our tattoos. We recommend Promised Land or TRX for all your piercing and jewelry needs.
  • Do you tattoo minors?
    No. While it is legal in the state of Missouri with parental consent, it is up to each artist to determine what they feel comfortable with. All the artists at Pastel Devil are morally against tattooing anyone under 18.
  • Do you do Walk-Ins?
    No, sorry! We specialize in Custom tattoos and that takes time! If you want to get tattooed ASAP try Electric Mayhem, Cousin Paul's or Arch Nemesis.
  • What is your policy on guests?
    We allow one guest per client. Our studio is small and we don’t want to affect the other guests’ experience!
  • Why are we appointment only?
    The ladies at Pastel Devil have accumulated a large clientele that keeps us busy. We strive to give our clients a one on one experience and custom design. We typically work off of your ideas to give a one of a kind tattoo!
  • Can I buy a gift card?
    Sorry, we don't offer gift cards at this time. You are totally welcome to purchase your own Visa Gift card at your local store and we will provide some goodies to go with that. Keep in mind though with the amount of requests we get, there is no guarantee we can take your loved one's idea.
  • I can’t choose, they’re all great! Can I email each artist and let them choose?
    All of the artist's schedule and tattoo differently. Please choose and email only one artist. To help decide, think about the tattoo you want and look at each of our portfolios and choose which one best fits the style you’re looking for.
  • How do I go about conveying my ideas?
    Inspiration can be found anywhere! Nature, fabric, patterns, google, pinterest, photographs, and illustrations can all be great inspiration. Branch out and you don't have to include the word “tattoo” in your search terms! The sky's the limit! We typically like you to include in your email : -A clear description of your idea -Any image referenced to help explain your idea -Size in inches -Placement on your body including left of right -Any budget you might have -Your preferred days/times
  • What is the typical wait time to get tattooed?
    For Angie it’s around 3-4 months. Sam is out about a month or 2, but posts updates on her instagram @jamanthasmith Amelia does her scheduling a bit differently and schedules a consultation about 2 months out and from that point schedules the tattoo for 2-3 months after the consult.
  • Why haven’t I received a response to my email yet?
    We receive a large amount of emails everyday. We have to prioritize our tattoo time(actually making tattoos) over answering emails when they come in. We’re doing our best to get back to everyone! It may take a while (up to 2 weeks) but we will get back to you!
  • Why can’t you accept every project?
    Unfortunately, we get so many requests that it is not possible to tattoo them all. We pick the ideas and subject matter that appeals to our style first! Some ideas also do not translate well as a tattoo. We will try to tell you if this is the case. Maybe the design you want is just not our style! We will try and refer you to another artist in the area if we feel they are a better fit for the tattoo you’re looking for.
  • How do I know when there are guest artists in town?
    We will try to announce via social media when we have guests coming and how to book/contact said artist. However, some artists are in high demand and may be booked with their own clientele prior to announcing it.
  • Why are tattoos so expensive?
    You are paying for the many years of experience and our efficiency. There is a lot of behind the scenes work you don’t see to get ready for your tattoo. There is a lot of time and research going into each and every drawing we do to be prepared for your tattoo. As well as set up, tear down, supplies, and equipment to keep the shop healthy and clean. Tattoos are forever! We want to make it perfect for you!
  • Is tipping customary?
    Tipping is never required but is always appreciated! This is a service industry and a ton of work goes into your tattoo that you do not see! We appreciate all tips, but 15-20% is standard. We also LOVE food! Baked goods! We are always hungry.
  • If books are closed, what’s the best way to know when they open them again?
    Keep an eye on our social media and turn on notifications! We updated it weekly with new tattoos and any announcements. We DO NOT have a waitlist. Ig: pasteldevilstudio FB: pasteldevilstudio Also sign up for our Newsletter on our front page for any updates.
  • Lastly -PMA! (positive mental attitude)
    This is our second home, please don’t bring your negative thoughts in here. Seriously. Love - Your Pasty Devils!
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